Islay Mist Blended Scotch Whisky

Islay Mist Blended Scotch Whisky (Around NIS 150)

8 Year Old
12 Year Old

Available in a number of versions. No Age Statement, 8 Year Old and 12 Year old.

I don't usually mention Blended Scotch but this one deserves a few lines. Blended Scotch is a blend of mainly Corn distilled whisky with some Malt whisky blended in to add character and smoothness. (The standard cheap ones remain heavely grain spirit dominated and are described as rough!). Deluxe Blends tend to have a greater proportion of Malt Whisky. Although the corn grain flavours of custard tarts and honey cakes are still present, this Scotch has been blended with Islay's famous Laphroaig (and possibly another Islay whisky). The resulting experience is of a very enjoyable Laphroaig "Light". For those who enjoy your Islays but want a less expensive, less serious and more casual experience then Islay Mist is definitely worth trying.

One more thing. A little experiment...

I got this idea from a Youtube video. For a great experience try taking a sip of this blend and then add a teaspoon of actual Laphroaig 10 Year Old. Leave it to blend for a few minutes then smell and taste. Trust me. It's like being perfectly happy with your glasses and then trying on another pair with an updated prescription. Only then do you realise how much you were missing.


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