“Osher Ad” Chareidi supermarket selling Glenfiddich 18

“Osher Ad” Chareidi supermarket selling Glenfiddich 18

“Osher Ad” supermarket is known for its very high reputation because when it comes to Kashrut issues, it does not compromise on anything. If there is even the slightest safek (doubt) about a product, then they will not sell it.
For instance, sweets (candies) that have regular gelatine (sourced from non-kosher animals) are considered Kosher by most poskim (senior Rabbis who make decisions on Halacha – Jewish Law), because the marrow has been reduced to a chemical powder and no longer considered food. Nevertheless, “Osher Ad” will only sell sweets and chocolates which contain gelatine from kosher sources such as fish.
I applaud them on their decision to be strict in this and all other kashrut issues. That is why we shop there.
Many biscuits and cakes, despite having good Kosher Certification here in Israel, contain “Avkat Chalav Nochri” – powdered milk from non-Jewish sources. Many poskim who hold that one must be 100% Shomrei Chalav Yisrael (only drink Jewish milk), nevertheless are meikel (lenient) when it comes to powdered milk as they argue that once turned into powder, the substance no longer comes under the Gezeira (the edict) of not consuming Non-Jewish Milk. “Osher Ad” do not sell anything Chalavi (milky) unless it contains only Chalav Yisrael (Jewish supervised milk).
“Osher Ad” only sell vegetables and fruit from Israel that do not rely on the lenient “Hehter Mechira” view that if the Israeli farmer symbolically sells his land then the produce is not considered “Kedushat Shviit”, (has the holiness of the Shmittah Year).
Everything “Osher Ad” sells are from the very best hechsherim (kosher certification), known by the general term “Badatz”. All its meat is “Glatt” – “Chalak”, (meat without any question about its kosher status whatsoever).
Even items that technically do not need Kosher certification such as Sugar, salt, water, plain coffee or tea, not only do they have a Teudat Hechshir (Kosher Certification), all of these items have a Badatz hechshir – Kosher certification from organisations with the very highest reputation.
It goes without saying that all grape juice, wine, beers, spirits, liquors and brandies have nothing but the very best Badatz hechsherim.
“Osher Ad” caters perfectly for its Chareidi customers who demand the highest levels of Kashrut!

This is why it beggars belief that “Osher Ad” are selling Glenfiddich 18-Year-Old that states on the front of the box, “Carefully matured for 18 years in finest Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks….”.
Even if you hold by more lenient poskim when it comes to Single Malt Whisky, (those non-Chareidi (considered less strict), Kashrut organisations such as the Star-K, CrC and London Beth Din), they tell you to avoid whisky where it states on the label “matured in Sherry casks”.
This whisky not only states that t was matured in sherry casks, not only does it not have a Badatz Hechshir, it does not have ANY kosher certification at all!



Can someone please explain to me why when it comes to Scotch Whisky, out of the thousands and thousands of food and drink items being sold, Whisky has the unique and special status not even accorded to plain water, that it does not need any certification whatsoever?
Moreover, can someone please explain to me why these bottles were flying off the shelf?


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