"Right!", said Fred


Every Shabbos I have a chat with a an American friend of mine; (let’s call him Fred for convenience sake), who sits to my right in Shul. The conversation begins with discussing the parsha but almost always finishes with talking about the wines and whiskies we have experienced over Shabbos.
Fred complained more than once that he thinks the wines I choose to drink and review are too expensive for the majority of wine lovers who might read my blog yet he has never explicitly commented on anything I have written on my blog which leaves me wondering if he actually reads it at all.
Perhaps he started reading it and thinking it awful, stopped reading but is too polite to tell me, (unlike another “friend”, let’s call him Bob; who I used to enjoy discussing various single malts with, one Shabbos morning told me outright not to keep talking about my blog as he had no intention of reading it. He said it in such a blunt fashion that it left me quite startled.
Because of this unpleasant experience with Bob, it would be embarrassing to ask Fred out right if he does read my blog for fear of receiving the same reply. So, if you are reading this Fred, hope you enjoy the mention and the following review on Dalton wines even if you don’t let me know that you’ve read it. Oh, and if you aren’t reading this because you don’t like my writing style or content then thanks for not telling me. I appreciate it.
Anyway, even if you are reading this or not, this next review is for you Fred. You are always going on about Dalton’s medium price range of wines and urging me to try them so being that I am tight for money at the moment, (having just purchased flight tickets to Scotland so that I can fulfill a wish of mine to do a grand tour of Islay distilleries), I decided that this was the perfect time to follow your advice and give the Daltons a try.


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