Why the wine from the Shomron region is so special

Just found this video about the Shomron region.
There is some wonderfull footage of Shiloh and the Biblical Park there. Great stuff !!!

The video begins with the prophetic words of Amos 9:13-15 which left me stunned. As they say in England. I was totally gob smacked!

Thinking about it, this blog itself and my wine reviews are witnesses to the words of Amos coming true in our time:

"Behold days are coming. – the word of Hashem – when the bountiful seasons of plowing and reaping will overlap. When the treader of grapes will meet the one who carries the seed; the mountains will drip juice and the hills will melt. When I will return the captivity of My people Israel and they will rebuild their former cities, and they will settle, and they will plant vineyards and drink from their wine; they will cultivate gardens and eat from their fruits. I will place them on their land and they will never again be removed from their land that I have given them, said Hashem, your G-d. "

Coincidently, (that is if you believe in coincidences), these pesukim form this week’s Haftatorah for Acherei Mos.


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