Jewish Weddings and the difference between wine and grape juice has a nice Video on Chasunas (Jewish Weddings) and the difference between making yayin (wine) and making mitz anavim (grape juice).
I've been giving shiurim for a few years now on the subject of the importance of using mamash wine for the mitzvah of Kiddush and the Arbah Cosos (The Four Cups) on Leil HaSeder.
There is always opposition in my kehilla, primarily from American Teetotallers who insist on using grape juice for all the mitzvos and completely ignore or reject numerous  halachic sources for using “yayin”, that is wine that is alcoholic. This is even despite the fact that one of the greatest proponents of using only yayin for the mitzvos was in fact Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, the late Godol  HaDor in America.
Now Aish have produced a video telling us why the drink we use under the Chuppa must be yayin and not grape juice.
Music to my ears! Lechaim and Mazal Tov!


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