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I've decided to create a new Blog for all my reviews. I exported and imported all the Blog post reviews in here and this is the first post that I'm writing especially for the new Blog.

So, for my first review post in this new Blog I thought I'd share with you some great Android Apps that I've downloaded onto my Samsung Galaxy S.

Miren Browser FREE

Very pretty looking browser with tons of options. It has TABS similar “IE8” style and a very useful “full page” option. Still in debugging stage. It crashes on very large pages such as forum pages.

Verdict: Worth checking out if you are bored with the standard.

Task List FREE version / Pro Version NIS 7.00

I use this App all the time. You add tasks (things you need to do). You can separate the tasks between work and private. You can assign priorities, colour codes, icon pictures associated to the task. Write detailed descriptions of each tasks. You can configure alarms and reminders. Once completed, you simply swipe the task line and a line is drawn through it. It comes with a widget with various display combinations.

The free version is fully useable but I decided to buy the Pro version because (1) the advertising banners in the Free version are distracting and take up screen space and (2) as I use it all the time and the price was only NIS 7, I wanted to show my appreciation to the author for an excellent App.

Verdict: Must have App.

Touch calendar FREE basic / Pro Version NIS 8.00

I was getting very annoyed with Google’s Calendar. It only shows if there is an event for each day but in order to see the actual events you have to click on each day. It gives you no overview at all. Touch Calendar gives you a very elegant interface where you can zoom in and out and view on a single screen all your events. You can move the calendar about by moving your finger around, Google Maps style. It synchs with Gmail Calendar and is very smooth. The Pro version lets you add a fully functioning widget and viewer to your home screens

Verdict: Must have App.

Go weather widget FREE

Very useful and good looking widget that displays the weather.

Siddur Ashkenaz Oktm NIS 27 (Occasionally on half-price sale)

Comprehensive Siddur that I’m told works very well on other Andorid phones. However on my Samsung Galaxy S, there is a terrible scroll delay which renders the Siddur almost unusable. I’ve written to the author who wrote back saying that they are aware of the problem and are working on it.

Verdict: Not worth buying until they fix this issue.

Mort Audio Book Player FREE

I listen to shiurim on MP3 format in the car. The shiurim are around an hour in length on a single file. Using Google’s standard Music player you start from the beginning every time you stop and go back to the audio file. Mort Player however remembers the exact position you were in in any file which you have played. It allows you to create your own bookmarks within a file as well. Of course you can listen to music as well. The interface and settings menus are at first slightly confusing but you get used to it. One annoyance is that by default, going into a folder brings up menu window asking you if you want to play all files in the folder, list folder contents and other options. It took some time but I found a Settings Menu option to define what I wanted to happen at this point. I selected listing file contents for each folder.

Verdict: If you listen to shiurim or audio book files then this is exactly what you need and it’s free and fully functional. Can’t get better than that.

File Expert FREE

Very straight forward and powerful file explorer / Manager. It has the ability to connect to shared folders on the Local Network as well.

Verdict: Essential App

Record My Call FREE

This App records all calls both received and made. The file name consists of the contact name plus a date/time stamp. Recording Quality is excellent.

Verdict: Very useful app indeed.


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