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VOIP, which stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol” was invented and developed in Israel. The designers sold their technology to large corporations and made millions.


It seems that the vast majority of people using this technology to make free phone calls use Skype. This product is fine for powerful machines and offers Video as well as voice calls. However the quality is varied depending upon the amount of users using the service at any one time. If you happen to have an older machine then Skype is virtually unusable as it takes up a load of CPU as well as a ton of memory, even when you aren't using it. For instance, one user I know has to close down every nonessential process on their Pentium III / 512mb Windows XP machine to make a call and even then, the service stutters throughout and occasionally turns the person’s voice into a very good impression of a cyberman (Doctor Who reference).

If you are in this situation or resent the fact that Skype is taking up so much of your PC’s resources then there is an alternative. Virtually unheard of, it’s called “VoipStunt”. Yes I know its a terrible name and difficult to pronounce but its free, extremely light on resources and works great.


Voipstunt only offers voice calls, not video but the voice quality is stunning. I’ve had conversations with people in the UK that were crystal clear for over 30 mins. The service is not perfect though. Sometimes the voice on one side cuts out so that one person can be heard but the other can’t. When this happens I just hang up and redial. All you need is a headphone or speakers and a mic to get started. Highly recommended.

To download and open an account click here: http://www.voipstunt.com/en/download.html


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