Israeli whiskey?

This is just a small post to show you something I found rather funny. I came across this item in a Jerusalem supermarket.

Israeli Whiskey? No, don't think so.

Well it does not actually say that it's whiskey even though it calls itself "Green Scotland" and shows a Scottish piper on the label. One can safely assume that it has not been matured for a minimum of 3 years. I would guess that the maturation process of this drink was actually the time it took to pour it from the mixing tank to the bottle.

It gets weirder still.

Looking closer at the front label:

It tells you that "Green Scotland" is "..made from selected varieties of wheat according to old Scottish recipes". Wheat? So this is 100% industrial grain distilled alcohol with no malted barley in it at all, just colouring and artificial flavouring.

The back label states that this is an "Alcoholic whiskey flavoured beverage. Made in the Land of Israel"

You don't think I bought it do you?

Nope. You won't be seeing a review of this Israeli "whisky" from me any time soon!

If anybody has tried it (and hasn't gone blind), please drop me a line.

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